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General Terms and Conditions

    • Allotment of Room (Type, Position & Floor) are subject to availability and discretion to Managment.
    • The Management reserves the right to cancel and or to refuse the reservation without showing any reason.
    • Guest charges will be extra @ 150/- per day ( as per aged 7 years above).
    • Cancellation charges will be provided as per decision of the Hotel Authority.
    • Hotel Authority will not be liable for any major equip mental breakdown.
    • T.V. Intercom, Refrigeration, Geyser systems will be provided as per schedule timing.
    • Generator service available.
    • Car Parking Facility.
    • Pet animals are prohibited to allow in rooms.
    • Cooked food or Cooking is strictly prohibited in rooms.
    • Any articles like Bed Sheet, Towels, Chairs should not be taken out of the Hotel Campus.
    • Management would not be liable for any loss or damage of occupant's personal belongings.
    • Full accommodation charges to be paid at the time of reservation for one day.
    • Reservation will remain constant One hour more than check in time if booked over telephone.