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Digha The Seaside Resort Town

Digha is considered a resort town located at the seaside in West Bengal. It is the most popular resort town in West Bengal and has shallow sand beaches which appear spectacular under the vast stretch of the open sky. A large number of visitors come from Howrah and Kolkata to explore the places to visit in Digha. Although Digha Beach is one the most popular hangout spots around here, the New Digha Beach has become new centre of attraction. At the old Digha Beach, there are food stalls, park benches, etc. At the New Digha Beach, which is an extension, new attractions have been added, such as the Snake Farm and the Science Centre. Marine Aquarium, Talsari Beach, Chandaneswar Shiva Temple, etc. are other major attractions when it comes to places to see in Digha. You can also check out the meeting point of Subarnarekha River and the sea near Udaipur village.

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Catering to accommodation needs for all categories of national and internal guests, Hotel Sea Bird Digha is a perfect concoction of finer things of life, stitched together beautifully. We welcome all our Digha-bound travellers with open hearts and folded hands.


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